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I also think the book is a tad long for the content. The second half was repetitive and more of a slog for me to get through. In Holier than Thou, Jackie Hill Perry helps us consider and rejoice over the holiness of God. Because it is his holiness—his being “other” than us, his perfect moral purity, his inability to do or be something other than good—that makes him able to be trusted at all times.

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  • But it also may leave readers feeling confused and befuddled as they struggle to catch the book’s overall flow and roadmap.
  • Although she keeps the extent of it under wraps, she is the serving Knight of Justice and her granddaughter Roslain is less subtle in this attitude.
  • One Wednesday evening several of us were talking about youth ministry at a local drug rehabilitation center, and Bob included himself in the conversation.
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  • As such, he would insist that the tries to be totally non-judgemental, and avoids “trigger words” that might lead others to think, however incorrectly, that he might see them as less than himself in any way.

The Weaver Family from Season 8 of The Amazing Race. Charla and Mirna were a less severe case of this, but that still didn’t stop them from condemning the other teams for being untrustworthy and back-stabbing them. Season 5 even saw Mirna rant that all the other teams restaurant lauderdale by the sea were jealous of them. Senator Kinsey, who loves to tell people how he’s doing God’s work, even if he has to get in bed with the Devil, said Devil being a shady government agency stealing alien tech and pissing off humanity’s only allies. In one episode of Seinfeld, Elaine’s boyfriend Puddy is revealed to be a Christian.

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In the time when thou shalt end the days of thy life, and in the time of thy decease, distribute thy inheritance. The most valuable resource in learning about displaying a holier-than-thouattitude is within God’s Word. The Bible is filled with examples of those who lived humbled lives next to those who lived lives believing God had blessed them more than others. Sell custom creations to people who love your style.

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God has a plan for everyone and that plan will be for our betterment and growth, regardless of whether we want certain blessings or not. While we should never compromise on the basic fundamentals of salvation, grace, and the divinity of Jesus, other issues not clearly addressed in Scripture can be the foundation for developing a holier-than-thou attitude. Whether a woman wears makeup, jewelry, or bright colors is never addressed in Scripture, so such choices are between her and God.

Why Does Jesus Tell His Followers That They Must Hate Their Families?

Tapanainen’s art focused on the human form and the divinity of it. He seemed to have the most neutral approach in that there weren’t any direct references to the religious, but mostly portrayals of human figures in abstract contexts. Paul dealt with how to avoid a holier-than-thou attitude in Romans 14. In his day, the hot-button issues were eating meat offered to idols and which days to consider holy days. Paul instructs his readers to “stop passing judgment on one another.

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This is especially true of Tomin, a humble villager-turned-general, who gives a priest an epic verbal reaming over how they’re corrupting the Ori religion to oppress and destroy. Disregarding a holier-than-thou attitudemeans that you can see yourself and others in a humbler light, in need of Jesus to not only take away our sins, but show us a way to love those around us in brotherly and sisterly love. We are all God’s children, created with different purposes in mind, and when we see how a holier-than-thouattitude can blind us to that truth, we start to realize the dangers of it and how it distances us from others and from God. What we must realize is that if God sent His own son to die a horrible death on the cross to bring others salvation, why would we assume that we would never experience struggle and seasons of waiting just because we are born-again Christians? With this change in mentality, we will understand that we can’t prevent certain aspects of life from happening just because we prayed hard to stop or start it.

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